The Full Day workshop covers all the key points and give the Boss time to process the information and to craft out a Solid Plan of Action to Double Your Business.

Perfect for Bosses who want to invest in the growth of their business and who are prepared to maximize the 1 day with us to extract the most value to grow their business.

Time Activity
  Registration and networking
45mins Step 1 – Start with your Self

Key 1: Assess your current situation

Key 2: Do One Thing to make your life better

Key 3: Develop your Resilience & Peak Performance State

Key 4: Leverage Your Personality Strengths

Key 5: Implement Productivity Strategies & Tactics

Key 6: Continuous Learning

Key 7: Join a Mastermind Group

1 hr 15mins Step 2 – Soar with your Staff

Key 1 : Recruit the Right Person

Key 2 : Conduct Proper Orientation

Key 3 : Set Clear Goals, KPIs and Expectations

Key 4 : Conduct Objective Performance Appraisal

Key 5 : Engage the Staff

Key 6 : Affordable Staff Learning and Development

1 hr 15mins Step 3 – Scale with your Systems

Step 1 : Draw your Organization Chart and JDs

Step 2 : Make a Business Systems Diagram

Step 3 : SOPs and Process Mapping

Step 4 : Continuous Improvement and Updating

1 hr 15mins Step 4 – Synergize with your Strategy

Step 1 : Do your SWOT online

Step 2 : Review your online SWOT reports and Prioritize the Areas to Improve

Step 3 : Map out the improvement plans & do it

Step 4 : Continuous Improvement & Reviews

1 hr 15mins Step 5 – Win with Sales

The Sales Training Process

1 hr 15mins Consolidate your Business Growth Action Plan

Plan your next steps