The Challenge : Do you have a Strategy to Grow?

1. Start Up Phase

At this stage, the founder is also the main sales person. He or she must bring in the sales. The challenge is : Selling is a technique that can be learnt, but few bosses invest time to keep learning how to sell or negotiate better.

2. Growth Phase

During this phase, you recruit a sales team to help you to sell. The founder may change his role to that of guiding, mentoring and coaching the sales team. The focus will shift to learning how to best manage a sales team. The boss will also be actively looking for ways to train them up and keep them hungry.

3. Mature Phase

In this phase, business is not growing and may be stagnating. The boss has to find new products and solutions in order to rejuvenate the business. At this stage, the focus is how to maintain the key accounts and guard your territory so that the competitors cannot sneak in. The other focus is to train the sales team to sell the new products and services well and to be able to handle all technical questions and objections effectively.

4. Design your unique sales system

All companies have their own unique products and clientele base. Staff also tend to come and go. The challenge is to build a sales system that can withstand the pressure of business and constant sales staff turnover. The system must be such that all key sales leads are captured. There is a process in place to monitor the pipeline. Sales brochures and marketing kits are constantly revamped to keep up with market changes. And a solid sales training program to train new staff on product knowledge and selling skills peculiar to your company.


3 Key Benefits you will get from doing Step 5


Ultimately, how well your sales is doing will determine how well your company is coping financially. Enhancing you and your team’s selling skills will increase your business’s profits, instead of operating at a loss or just breaking even.


There is no such thing as a defined way to close a deal. Each deal is unique in more ways than one. Learning as many different ways to handle it will help you gauge which is the most effective closing technique to apply to increase your chances of closing the deal with your prospect.


Upgrading you and your team’s selling abilities will definitely increase your closing rate. The more deals the business secures, the more motivated your staff will be. Morale will be higher and your staff will feel a sense of security with your company’s financial growth.

Step # 5 : Win with Better Selling Skills
Build your


Skill 1 : Prospecting


Skill 2 : Questioning


Skill 3 : Focus


Skill 4 : Listening


Skill 5 : Presentation


Skill 6 : Handle Objections


Skill 7 : Organizational Skills

Skill 8 : Rapport Building

Secure The Deal

The Sales Team should be the main source of your business’s income and that makes it only wise to train and nurture them to find what selling and closing style suits them the best so that they can increase the odds for closing the deal.

Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses and develop ways for them to learn how to sell the problem you solve, not just the product.

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