The Challenge : Hard to Find and Keep Good Staf

Ask any bosses today and they will tell you : It is really hard to find and keep good people. This problem is magnified for the Small Business Owners because of the following reasons:

  • MNCs and big companies with their brand name and high pay system tend to draw away the top talents
  • Generally younger staff do not stay long in a small company with a small team because of the lack of social interactions and social pressures from their other friends
  • Lack of resources to develop them and harness their full potential

3 Key Benefits you will get from doing Step 2

Recruit the Best

We give you the tools to recruit the most suitable staff based on the job scope to do and their personality strengths compared with the Team. Use our Interview Tool to recruit scientifically.

Develop your People

We give you the access to our online e-Training Portal that develops all your staff in 20 key competency areas. All reports and trainings are customized based on Individual Scoring.

Engage and Retain

It costs at least 30% of a staff annual salary to “replace” them should they resign. Hence the drive to engage them so that they work happy and they do not resign purely on monetary basis.

Step # 2 : Soar with your Staff
We help you


Key 1 : Recruit the Right Person

We give you all the tools you need to recruit the best matching staff.


Key 2 : Conduct Proper Onboarding

We explain how you can do proper Onboarding to give a positive first impression to all new comer.


Key 3 : Set Clear Goals, KPIs and Expectations

We ensure you set clear goals and expectations with all new staff to prevent poor performance.


Key 4 : Conduct Objective Performance Appraisal

We give you the tools to do proper and fair staff appraisal.


Key 5 : Engage the Staff

We give you the tools to engage your staff continuously.

Key 6 : Affordable Staff Learning and Development

We provide the e-Training Portal to develop your people in 20 areas of competency.

Quality Over Quantity

Yes, a copious amount of manpower is very important to all types of business. However, having quality manpower and not just the sheer numbers can really make a big difference for your company’s output.

Learning how to select, retain and cultivate the right kind of staff, and creating the right environment for them to flourish in is an essential step the higher management should have.

Having trouble managing your people? Try our HR tools which you can use to improve your staff management.

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