The 5 Steps


Step # 1 : Start with Your Self

There are a few key things you can do as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner to take stock, stop the stress and start implementing practical solutions to improve your business.

Key 1: Assess your current situation

Know where you are now & your key issues and challenges.

Key 2: Do One Thing to make your life better

Identify that One Thing that will make your life and business better immediately; and do that One Thing.

Key 3: Develop your Resilience and Peak Performance State

Tap on the latest business and sports psychology techniques to boost peak performance and develop better EQ to cultivate better state of mind on a daily basis.

Key 4: Leverage Your Personality Strengths

Discover your own personality elements and learn how to assess other people’s personality and respond to them accordingly.

Key 5: Implement Productivity Strategies & Tactics

How to be more Productive at work and get things done.

Key 6: Continuous Learning

Key 7: Join a Mastermind Group

Strategies to learn, grow and network to greater success.

Step # 2 : Soar with your Staff

The #1 Challenge bosses face is: How to Find and Keep Good Staff. Turnover is high. Attitude can be much better etc.

Key 1 : Recruit the Right Person

Tap on a Free Online Recruitment Tool to help you sieve out the best fit candidate. Utilize Online Interview Tool to help you ask the right questions and make insightful discovery about the candidate. In the workshop we will explain all the latest know-how in terms of recruitment best practices.

Key 2 : Conduct Proper Orientation

Key 3 : Set Clear Goals, KPIs and Expectations

Key 4 : Conduct Objective Performance Appraisal

Key 5 : Engage the Staff

Key 6 : Affordable Staff Learning and Development

Doing step 2 to 6 is the key to engage and retain your staff. We have a set of Online Tools in place for you to do the above mentioned steps. In the workshop, we will show you how to do the above in a hassle free efficient manner that gives you all the benefits without the time consuming frustration that one will face when we are not trained on how to do it properly.

Step # 3 : Scale with your Business System

Your business is a system of systems. The key idea here is create a "Franchisable Business". You can only sell a Franchise if you have strong operating systems in place.

If done right, your business will run by itself - systematically, predictably and flawlessly, without needing you to be around.

In the workshop, we will work with you to create your critical business systems that will free you up to do more value adding things. This will also allow you to delegate work to other team members with peace of mind, knowing that system in place will ensure things run well to a large extent (ie: better than no system)

In this Chapter, we give you the "How To" to Systemize Your Company through Systems Planning.

  • Draw your Organization Chart and JDs
  • Make a Business Systems Diagram
  • SOPs and Process Mapping
  • Continuous Improvement and Updating

Benefits of having a set of Business Systems are (PRC):

  • Predictability
  • Reliability
  • Continuity

Step # 4 : Synergize with your Strategy

Developing a business strategy is one of the most important thing to do to grow your business. It is also the one thing that garners the most skepticism amongst business owners, many of whom believes that it is fluffy and they are better off doing sales than to set aside precious time to "strategize".

Nothing could be further from the truth. Strategy is so important because it is fundamental to the success and sustainability of any company for the following reasons:

1. Understand your company and industry and competitors

2. Adapt to a changing world

3. Create a vision and direction for the whole company

This chapter will show you how to craft a strategy by:

  • Step 1 : Do your SWOT online
  • Step 2 : Prioritize the Areas to Improve
  • Step 3 : Map out the improvement plans & do it
  • Step 4 : Continuous Improvement & Reviews

You will be given a special login to do your company SWOT using our Online Business SWOT analysis tool after you register for the Free workshop.

Step # 5 : Win with Better Selling Skills

Last but not least, sales is the life blood of any business. When you can sell, when your products is well sought after, when there is cash collection, the business will grow. The energy will be higher, the morale better and the air smells fresher.

In this chapter, you will learn the skills on how to sell better, for both yourself and your sales team and the approach we use to develop them.

  • Skill 1 : Prospecting
  • Skill 2 : Questioning
  • Skill 3 : Focus
  • Skill 4 : Listening
  • Skill 5 : Presentation
  • Skill 6 : Handle Objections
  • Skill 7 : Organizational Skills
  • Skill 8 : Rapport Building