Our Mission

The SME Challenge is a Campaign to equip SMEs with the tools and training to develop their core competencies to achieve better Business Results and Productivity.

Our Vision

We aim to train up 1,000 SMEs with our series of Master Class Trainings, Deep Dive Training Workshops and the Secrets of My Success series.

3 Pillars to help SMEs Grow

SME Master Class

The SME Master Class are conducted by Subject Matter Experts to help SME Business Owners develop competencies in the latest business and management areas

Double Your Business Workshop

These Workshops are detailed training to develop SMEs using the "Double your Business" 5 Steps Methodology. SMEs will get access to use the Tools to grow & scale their Business

Secrets of My Success

We will be inviting top Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Captains of Industries to share with the SMEs the secrets and formula and best practices to their success

We help SMEs improve Business Performance
Using Tools and Programs that are

Our Program is specially designed for busy Business Owners / CEOs who are struggling with limited resources and are fighting other battles on a daily basis.

Our system will help you take a step back and approach your problems more systematically.

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Simplicity is the new buzz today. By keeping things simple, we make it easy for users to participate in the program and to take active steps to improve their business.

Our program is user-friendly for all and can be adopted by anyone.

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All our training, coaching and online tools are designed to give accurate answers to key areas of concerns. This saves the company time and money.

Focus on the processes that really matter and eliminate extra steps to excel at practicality.

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Have places to be? Use our program on-the-go. As long as you have internet access, you can grow and double your business with us.

Utilize our proprietary program anytime and anywhere, at your convenience.

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